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Wellbeing promotion is everywhere. It is something that we could all be better at, but it can be hard to do anything more than add it to the bottom of your vast to-do list. 

Do you find yourself?

If you answered yes to one or more of those options, then help is at hand.  

You are surrounded by messaging that tells you that you need to be more resilient. The systems and society, that we work and live in demand increasing amounts of resilience. The clear message is that there is something in you that needs fixing if you want to be able to cope.  

I kept going to the point of burning out and I don’t agree with the resilience narrative. 

It takes time for systems to change, and time is a luxury that you do not have. I invite you to take matters into your own hands, ignore resilience and learn how to embrace a stronger, calmer, happier you. 

I did not need fixing and neither do you. 

Why do you need to pay attention to wellbeing?

  • If you look after your wellbeing, you can strengthen the health, happiness, and fortunes of the groups you are in at home and at work. 
  • Wellbeing allows you to be free from or manage chronic ill health and injury. 
  • Wellbeing allows you to be in a state of contentment. It is NOT normal to be happy all the time, but you can strive to be content and happier more of the time. 
  • Psychological wellbeing is important for your mental health and stress management. 
  • Wellbeing is free and you can start anytime you choose.  


That last statement will ruffle some feathers and raise objections. I know, I have been there and struggled just like you.

There is no point telling a busy, working woman that she just needs to do mindfulness, yoga, cardio, prepare 3 healthy meals a day, and practice gratitude when everything around you is dragging you down.

All you want is for the merry-go-round to stop, so that you can step off for a minute and rest.  

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What are some of the common things that get in your way?

  • Time – This is the most expensive and valuable commodity that you have 
  • Guilt – You think that you should be doing something else for someone else 
  • Energy – You have nothing left in your tank and feel tired all the time 
  • Self-esteem – You are stuck in a loop thinking that exercise is all about how you look NOT how you feel 
  • Overwhelm – there are so many aspects of wellbeing that you do not know where to start 
  • Self-sabotage – you have tried to start so many times but cannot keep up the momentum 
  • Stress – you get anxious just thinking about your enormous to do list 
  • Work/Life balance – work, and the stress that goes with it, spills over into your home life 
  • Resentment – do you have a partner who prioritises exercise and you pick up the slack at home? 
  • Money – It is too expensive to join a gym and you must prioritise other things 
  • Comparison trap – You compare yourself to others and feel that you cannot do what they do 

What if I told you that you do NOT have to do it all?

What if you could choose your own wellbeing pillars?

What if you start to be your imagined future self right now?

What if improving your wellbeing helped you to love your job again?

Venn diagram 3 circles Identity, Control, Community

I can help you to figure out: 

  • Who you want to be 
  • How to take back some control in your busy life 
  • Who you need around you to help you to succeed 


Those 3 things are the secret ingredients to stop you struggling and start thriving. You will become stronger, calmer, and happier with your life. 

I will meet you where you are now and take you to stronger, calmer, and happier. 

You don’t need to burn your life down and start again.

Often one minor change makes an enormous difference to your life. 

Here are some of the things that we can work on together:

  • Carving out the time that you need to relax, reboot, and restore
  • Working from where you are now and where you would like to be
  • Using your values to make life make sense
  • Taking control of your life at home and work
  • Working out what you want your wellbeing pillars to be
  • Building your confidence 
  • Building networks and community 
  • Managing guilt and other pesky blockers 
  • Managing overwhelm and stress 
  • Decision making 
  • Asking for what you need 
  • Learn the art of saying no and not feeling bad 
  • Learn how to overcome procrastination 
  • Making peace with your inner critic 
  • Feeling fear and doing it anyway 
  • Managing and learning from your setbacks 
  • Celebrating your success and future proofing your plan

Are you ready to change and prepare for whatever life throws at you next? 

If that is a “Hell yes!” then book a call with me to find out more.