How to make yourself visible in a workplace that wants to ignore you.

Dr Lucinda Homer smiling with hands on hips, wearing a blue trouser suit and pink top

Hint: You have everything that you need to take back your power Many women describe feeling invisible when they reach their 40s and beyond. We notice the effects of ageism, which coupled with workplace gender bias, has a disproportionate impact on women.  Did you notice when you had nothing in common with adverts? Women become invisible in […]

How to make bold changes for an exciting midlife adventure

Dr Lucinda Homer smiling with hands on hips, wearing a blue trouser suit and pink top

I want to change but I don’t know how Many of us arrive in midlife surprised to be here. We have all been busy living our lives and it feels like the passage of time sneaked up on us while we were not looking.   As young women we had clear ideas of who we were, […]

How can I be happy again after heartbreak and divorce? 

Depressed upset young black woman holding her head in her hands

I met up with a group of friends last weekend and we packed in a lot into 24 hours in London. We have not seen each other as a group for a long time. Lots of news to catch up on, some serious, some sad and some utterly hilarious. The passage of time made no […]

What is a divorce coach?

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A coach is a supportive guide that will help you to make better decisions by providing motivational and emotional support. There are many types of coach, who have areas of special expertise or a niche. A divorce coach will help you to navigate your divorce – your way.

How to avoid the comparison trap

Woman in silhouette juggling balls at sunset

Have you ever thought “I don’t know how she does it”? Professional women get stuff done. It goes with the territory. We do responsible jobs and manage busy lives at home. There are lots of balls in the air and we do not like it when we drop one. Juggling becomes a way of life, and we get incredibly good at it.   Do any […]