small kilner jar of chilli sauce, with jam crossed out from the label and sauce added underneath

Is it time for a rebrand?

Sometimes things just stop feeling right


You may stop to question yourself. Why am I still doing the same things? Why do I rely on my old thought patterns, when I know that they make me feel miserable? Why do I keep doing what everyone else thinks I should do? 

Sound familiar?  

You are not alone. Our brains like doing what they know and are actually a bit lazy. It is why trying to form a new habit, can be so hard. Gyms are rammed in January, but it is much easier to avoid the queues in March. 


What has that go to do with Chilli jam?


I decided to make some Chilli Jam for Christmas 2021. I used an excellent recipe from Nigella Lawson’s Christmas recipe book. I have made it before, and it worked out well.


This year, my jam did not set. It dripped out of bacon sandwiches, slithered off cheese and crackers and left sticky drips on my table. My family declared that they could not decide why, but they did not like it as much as the last time I made it. It was too runny, too vinegary and they liked the Christmas chutney better. I popped it back into the cupboard and moved on.  


On one of the days in the lead up to Christmas, I made a Vietnamese recipe from Uyen Luu’s amazing book. This recipe called for a dipping sauce. I made the one suggested in the recipe and then decided that some chilli sauce might also go well. I looked in the fridge, but it had all been used up. There was no way that I was going to the supermarket. Then I had a thought, I poured some of my less than perfect chilli jam into a small bowl and served it with the meal.  


This chilli sauce was the best one that my family had ever eaten. Where did I buy it? You need to get some more of this mum. 


And so, my chilli jam was rebranded into a magnificent chilli sauce. It was not returned to the cupboard, and as you can see from the photo, is being steadily eaten up. 

Rebranding is not just for Christmas condiments

I have been thinking about several areas of my work and life which need a rebrand.

My coaching niche did not feel quite right. I thought that coaching doctors to prevent and manage burnout was absolutely what I wanted to do. I was bathed in experience, having been there myself. I realised that for my coaching to serve my clients well, I need to be able to hold space for them in a way that is not triggered by reliving my own experiences of burnout repeatedly. 

I realised that I could use all my executive coaching skills, experience as a doctor and businessperson to effective use elsewhere. So, I have done a lot of “Re’s” over the past few months: revaluate, rethink, re-align to my values, re-niche, rebrand and relaunch. 

The exciting part is knowing that I can help my new clients to affect the change they seek and transform their life and the world around them.  

What would you like to rebrand?

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