Are you ready to feel fabulous, fearless, and ready for your next adventure?

I refuse to sit and watch another brilliant, successful woman reach her 40s and 50s and get stuck: 

  • In a job that no longer fills you with joy 
  • In any relationship that sucks the life out of you 
  • In a routine that leaves you bottom of the heap 

I am in my 50s and know just what it feels like when life changes. I know what feeling stuck is like and how hard it is to find the courage to do anything about it.   

I want to invite you to be part of a positive change movement that enables women to be confident to take up more space and create an amazing second act in their lives. 

Wellbeing promotion is everywhere. It is something that we could all be better at, but it can be hard to do anything more than add it to the bottom of your vast to-do list. 

There is no point telling a busy, working woman that she just needs to do mindfulness, yoga, cardio, strength training, sail through menopause, prepare 3 healthy meals a day, and practice gratitude when everything around you is dragging you down. 

All you want is for the merry-go-round to stop, so that you can step off for a minute and rest.  

What if I told you that you don’t have to do it all? 

My approach is to help you to gain clarity and define your one BIG thing. The thing that matters most to you. The thing that will make you feel fabulous, fearless, and ready for your next adventure.  

The next stage is to work on making your rules, so that you can test out strategies and discover what works for you.  

You will make the change, that you need, to live your life on your terms and surrounded by the people that matter most to you. 

This will help you to find positive ways to gain perspective, take positive action, and feel fabulous no matter what comes your way. I will work collaboratively with you and support you where you think you need it most. Be prepared to do some rewarding work and I will challenge you, when I think you can go even further. 

I will keep you on the right track and help you to future proof your plans. 

Why work with me?

I have had a long and varied career to date. I am passionate about helping others and this is reflected in my career choices and lifelong interest in education, leadership, and a tendency to speak up. 

Learning to fly and gaining a private pilot’s licence in my 40s showed me that I could face my fear and find the courage to try new things. I started to think outside my well-defined box, and I have not looked back.  

I qualified as a doctor 30 years ago, and worked in the NHS for 24 years, with 14 years as Consultant Anaesthetist. 

I experienced a “Mid-career” crisis in 2016, which in hindsight was due to burn out, so I decided to make some major changes. I learned new skills, changed my career, and re-discovered me.  You can read more about that is this blog post. 

Now I enjoy a portfolio career as a certified coach (ILM level 7 certificate for executive and senior coaches and mentors) and as a doctor in the speciality of Aviation Medicine. My career is no longer the single thing that defines me. I am so much more. 

I am a midlife woman who refuses to fade into obscurity.  


Are you ready to come with me? 


Book a 20-minute chat and find out how I can help you. The first step is the hardest but you can do hard things.

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I can't wait to see where you go next.

Infographic to illustrate YOUR LIFE Where do you want to be? What do you want to prioritise? What is getting in your way? What is your one big thing? YOUR RULES What matters most? What can you change? You can set yourself free with new rules You can ditch the shaming “shoulds” and embrace the creative “coulds” Small changes can have a BIG impact YOUR WAY How do you want to be? Set your own agenda Test out your strategies and find out what works Tackle your fears and resistance to change Opening one door unlocks many more Future proof your plans

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